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- Familientradition seit über 325 Jahren -


Combining Tradition and Innovation

We are masters of our trade and take pride in that. As a company that looks back on more than 300 years of history we are rooted in tradition while facing the future. We combine the craftsmanship of experienced carpenters and joiners with the know-how of our engineers and the efficiency of powerful machines. The result is a range of carefully manufactured windows and doors that meet the highest demands regarding functionality, durability and security. We are dedicated to realizing our clients' projects. We support carpenters, architects and builders in every phase, from planning to final acceptance. After all, we share a common goal: a harmonious building that is an architectural eye-catcher in every detail and as a whole.

Craftsmanship Meets Technology

The German term „Manufaktur“ has retained its original meaning of craftsmanship. We have made it part of our name because craftsmanship, combined with innovative solutions and modern technology, forms an important part of our corporate culture. Machines like those of the reknowned Italian company SCM give the finishing touch to our work. We apply an angular system with machining centre for exact milling. A machining centre with 3D capability can be programmed for the production of individually designed window arches. Likewise indispensable are the expertise and craftsmanship experience of our specialists. We rely on them when it comes to building high-quality windows and doors for historic buildings or modern architecture and for the development of intelligent security solutions.

Heritage Protected

Make your mark with high-quality windows and doors for modern architecture or historic buildings.

Security Technology

We implement the highest safety standards and provide and provide near-invisible integration of the security features in the respective architectural object.

Safe Haven panic room

Das Konzept des Safe Haven oder des „Sicheren Hafens“ besteht darin einen Raum, meistens das Schlafzimmer mit angrenzendem Bad, so auszustatten, dass er als Rückzugsraum ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit bietet.