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Security features are specified in so called Resistance Classes or RCs for short. An RC classification depends on the length of time a window or a door is able to resist a burglary attempt as well as on the means and tools applied in that attempt. The most commonly recommended class is RC2. The security features of this class ensure resistance to simple burglary attempts. This could mean, for instance, that a burglar tries to open the window lock by force with a screwdriver. Products of this class are usually not able to resist burglary attempts involving heavier tools or attacks on the glazing. RC2 windows and doors are therefore insufficient for more demanding objects. RC3 indicates resistance to burglary attempts made with two screwdrivers and a crowbar. RC4 attests that a window or door is able to resist attacks made with a cordless drill as well as sawing and striking tools for at least 10 minutes. RC5 products withstand the additonal use of power tools and attacks on the glazing. 
With our RC3 to RC5 products we offer the highest security standards. In addition to that, we are able to integrate security features almost invisibly into any archtectural concept. Do you have any questions about our safety glass? Please do contact us in Münster - we gladly advise you personally!

Heritage Protected

Make your mark with high-quality windows and doors for modern architecture or historic buildings.

Security Technology

We implement the highest safety standards and provide and provide near-invisible integration of the security features in the respective architectural object.

Safe Haven panic room

Das Konzept des Safe Haven oder des „Sicheren Hafens“ besteht darin einen Raum, meistens das Schlafzimmer mit angrenzendem Bad, so auszustatten, dass er als Rückzugsraum ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit bietet.