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There is nothing more horrible than to wake up at night because a burglar meddles with your house. What is to be done now? Please keep cool ,call the police and behave yourself quietly.

Do you desire, not only  in cases like this, more security in your own home? Then a safe room of our traditional company from Münster could be the right choice for you.

The retrofitting of such a panic room is nowadays not confronting and is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. By safety room, we mean a place in your house which is screened under safety-related aspects, which protects the attendees before an external threat.

At RvE-Die Fenster + Türen Manufaktur we trust in the concept of “Safe Haven”. A panic room from our house meets the highest safety standards.

Our experts from Münster turn your home into a “Safe Haven”. This means that we equip a room of your house or apartment-usually the bedroom with an adjoining bathroom so that this refuge provides maximum protection and safety.

Such a safe room has special windows and doors that can withstand massive violence until help arrives on site.

In collaboration with leading companies in the security technology our experts from Münster create an individual concept for you. 

We do everything to implement the high security standards so that you will not notice this in everyday life. Are you interested in the installation of a panic room? Then please contact us in Münster. We are happy to advise you in detail and personally.

Heritage Protected

Make your mark with high-quality windows and doors for modern architecture or historic buildings.

Security Technology

We implement the highest safety standards and provide and provide near-invisible integration of the security features in the respective architectural object.

Safe Haven panic room

Das Konzept des Safe Haven oder des „Sicheren Hafens“ besteht darin einen Raum, meistens das Schlafzimmer mit angrenzendem Bad, so auszustatten, dass er als Rückzugsraum ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit bietet.