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RvE Windows and Doors in Wood and Wood-Aluminum Certified security features for modern design and historical architecture

Windows and Doors of the Premium Class Best view. Best sight

Every customer is different. Each of our products, too. RVE windows and doors made of wood and wood-aluminum are fabricated individually for your object. They represent burglary protection and gem at the same time.

As a traditional German company, we combine craftsmanship, innovative expertise and attention to detail with elements of the highest manufacturing quality for modern and historic architecture. The fruits of our work are products that leave nothing to be desired in terms of design, functionality, durability and safety, and meet the strict requirements of the monument protection authorities. From our location in Münsterland we supply and serve customers in Europe, Russia and the USA.

High-class wooden windows and doors.

Wood Natural. Ingenious. Sustainable

Wood is unsurpassed as a material for high-quality windows and doors - and has been for centuries. As it combines naturalness and beauty with functionality and durability.

As a natural product, wood contributes to the healthy living environment of your home: it conveys value, warmth and comfort, regulates the humidity, has an antibacterial effect and offers excellent sound and thermal insulation. Wood can be highly customized and combined with all types of glasses, fittings and accessories that exactly fit to your home and interior style. Quite apart from the sustainability of the renewable raw material and the low environmental impact. That is why we love wood.

High-class wooden windows and doors.

Certified Safety Tested elements. Real protection

If the fence, alarm system and guard dog no longer protect, security windows and doors prevent unauthorized access to your home as the last barrier. Real protection against burglary or attack with a firearm granted only by using elements with appropriate certification with frame, glass and fitting are proven to be perfectly adapted to each other.

We produce safety products of resistance classes RC2 to RC4 and bullet resistance FB4, which - just like our entire production - are certified by the testing center for components. RVE windows and doors offer high mechanical protection for private homes of every style and age, for embassies, banks or museums. The Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation recommends us as a manufacturer of security elements.

Show me how you build, and I'll tell you who you are.(Christian Morgenstern)

Customized Solutions from Experts Your objects. Our expertise.

As a traditional manufactory with decades of experience and a high proportion of manual work, we can precisely satisfy your requirements. Our master carpenters are specialists when it comes to designing custom-made constructions for doors and windows. Be it for modern architecture or for historical or listed buildings. With inventiveness, a distinctive feel for design and excellent technical specialist knowledge, we can impress architects, planners, security consultants, monument protection authorities and building owners.

Whether you have exceptional requirements pertaining to the design, or need XXL-formats, special surfaces or customized versions - (almost) everything is possible.

RvE is your specialist for customized solutions for windows and doors

From Planning to Assembly All from one source

Both our products and our service have the objective of leaving nothing to be desired. With our specialist knowledge, spirit of innovation and a lot of passion and commitment, we work to develop solutions for the highest standards, which our customers enjoy for a long time. Architects, general contractors and building owners have a competent and reliable partner in RvE – from the first idea to the assembly.

We provide detailed advice in advance and offer tailor-made solutions according to your specifications. We plan to the smallest detail with state-of-the-art software. We produce sustainable, environment-friendly and "made in Germany". We deliver and assemble professionally and reliably. We provide service even after completion of the construction project.

RvE plans, manufactures and installs high-grade windows and doors for modern and historic architecture
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