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Lift-up Sliding Door Novelty! 

Now available in combination RC4 + FB4

The past months have not been easy for all of us. Despite the Corona crisis, we are grateful for an excellent order situation: Our production is more than busy, instead of short-time work we do extra shifts, and inquiries reach us from all over German-speaking countries.

Our developers have been creative again, so we have something new in store for you today: From now on you can get our burglar-resistant lift-and-slide doors with bullet resistance in the FB4 category. What does that mean? That our security element withstands attacks by experienced burglars with cordless drills, striking axes and chisels as well as a 44er Remington Magnum handgun from a distance of only 5 meters in accordance with DIN EN 1522. In other words: You and your customers, respectively, can feel safe all around!

You can order the new security element from us in high-quality oak wood from local, sustainable cultivation, on request also with aluminum outer shells and, of course, barrier-free with a flat threshold. 

RvE Lift-up sliding door in cat. RC4 + FB4

Exclusively at RvE:

Certified wooden lift-up sliding doors in resistance class RC4

Why is RvE showing us a demolished lift-up sliding door today, you will surely ask. Quite simply: Because we would like to give you an idea of ​​how relatively intact our wood element in resistance class RC4 looks after a two-hour burglary test at the PfB laboratory. A picture says more than 1000 words. Although the Rosenheim inspector used massive tools from a professional burglar such as a cordless drill, hammer ax, hammer and crowbar and attacked our element at four different points, he had no chance of breaking open our lift-up sliding door in the allotted time. Both the frame, the safety glass, the glass connection and the safety lock withstood the attack for at least 10 minutes - pure contact time with the tools - without any problems. With this PfB certificate, we add a new element to our RC4 portfolio: From now on, you can get exclusive at RvE lift-up sliding doors made of wood and wood-aluminum in resistance class RC4 according to DIN EN 1627, of course also barrier-free with a flat threshold. And even more: this so confidently passed exam is an incentive for us to further develop the element for the next higher class and to take the RC5 exam promptly.

RvE lift-up sliding door after PfB testing

RvE January News

A new decade has begun, and we are starting the new year with well-filled order books and lots of plans to further optimize our product range! What will come from RvE in 2020?

We have already made an appointment at the PfB laboratory in Rosenheim for the RC4 test of our lift-up sliding doors of all types in accordance with DIN EN 1627. Next to come is the certification of our French casement windows in combination RC4 with FB4 bullet resistance according to DIN EN 1522 (for caliber Rem. Magnum 44 hand gun). We have already targeted the test for the next higher bullet resistance class FB6 (with a shotgun caliber 7.62 x 51), the pre-tests went very well.

For fans of unusual optics, we now have a new surface in our product range: a metal finish for aluminum casements for outdoors, which we can produce in a wide variety of colors and even in a "used look" with an oxidized patina.

We will continue to round off our product range with the best possible service in the future: Optimal advice, detailed planning, innovative solutions for combining design and safety and reliable implementation are the icing on the cake that turns demanding customers into happy customers. This has been our goal since 1681 and always will be - true to our motto: (almost) everything is possible, be it for listed buildings or contemporary architecture.

RvE Metal finish for aluminum casements

New corner solution for lift-up sliding doors in RC3

Lift-up sliding doors are becoming increasingly popular - even for old buildings. Bright, easy-to-use and, above all, the magnificent panoramic view through fully glazed, floor-to-ceiling fronts characterize modern lift-up sliding doors.

Even more panorama offers from now on our corner coupled systems, of course, without you having to give up protection against burglary or vandalism! Following the motto "no more corner", we produce 90° French casement corner solutions in resistance class RC3, in which the window front can be completely opened. No more window posts in the corner of the room, which remains and obscures the view - for even more sense of freedom and uninterrupted views.

New corner solution for lift-up sliding doors in RC3

We are expanding our product portfolio

RC3 windows in IV91 passes the ballistic testing FB4

42 shots from a Remington 44 Magnum handgun withstood our RC3 security window last week - then the ballistics expert in the Augsburg testing laboratory abandoned the testing. With passing the ballistic testing with flying colours, we extend our range of certified security windows made of wood and wood-aluminum: From now on, RvE provides French casement windows of type IV91 and in the compilation of RC3 with FB4 bullet resistance according to DIN EN 1522.

How did our window perform? Both our wooden frame and the glazing withstood the nearly 2-hour stress test without problems: the projectiles could not penetrate the window frame; the glass pane remained intact on the inside. To pass the ballistic testing, the breaking of the pane would have been permissible. We look forward to better protecting you and your customers in the future - with certified security windows in wood and wood-aluminum of type IV91 with forend in resistance-class RC3-FB4.We have already targeted the test for the next highest bullet resistance class FB6 (with a shotgun caliber 7.62 x 51).

RvE Beschussprüfung FB4

New coatings with natural effects at RvE

With our new, water-based natural effect coating, dimensionally stable wooden components such as wood-aluminum windows, wooden windows and front doors can be refined. To ensure a natural raw wood look, colourless lacquered and lightwoods, such as spruce, larch or oak, which are not exposed to direct weathering, are little fired and treated with the appropriate primer and intermediate coat. The lacquered elements look almost unpainted. For outdoor use, natural shades, which are modeled on the respective woods, are available as pigmented options in a cloth-matt look - for a natural appearance with good UV protection outdoors. Apart from the appearance, the new natural effect coating also creates lukewarm and velvety surfaces that allow direct contact without unsightly traces of wear and tear such as glistening. Would you like to know more about our quality products and solutions? We are happy to advise you and look forward to your call on +49 (0) 2536/34 67 4-0 or your inquiry via our contact form.

RvE Produktionsstätte im Münsterland

Success needs more Space

The disproportionate growth in recent years and the very positive order situation due to growing exports to neighboring European countries as well as Russia and the USA require more space. That is why we are building our new premises in Senden with direct access to the A 43. The operating area is more than doubling. This finally means more space for storage, more space for new technology and additional employees. And of course, also new space for innovation: in the last two years we have developed new, trend-setting, certified products with unique selling proposition in the field of "security". The move in January will still be a challenge, but we look forward to the new facilities and opportunities!

Erfolg braucht mehr Raum

True-to-detail reproduction of listed windows - including security

The renovation or modernization of historic old buildings or listed buildings is our core competency. On that account, we can offer you the replica of historic windows with special features, such as very high security characteristics. We set a high importance on maintaining the charisma and traditional character of architectures and linking them to certified safety standards. Despite the high functional requirements, we provide true-to-original reproductions of existing windows as well as customized designs according to individual wishes and also ensure the necessary security. Both the safety classes RC3 to RC4 as well as bullet resistance are possible! Of course, also security windows for modern buildings and retrofit solutions are available. Our experts will gladly advise you on your individual projects at any time. Would you like to know more about our quality products and solutions? We are happy to advise you and look forward to your call on +49 (0) 2536/34 67 4-0 or your inquiry via our contact form.

True-to-details replica of listed windows

RC3 Sliding doors

A mullion-transom construction can be integrated. At present, we are preparing the content for this area. In order to inform you at the usual level, we will need a little more time. Please check back on this page when you next visit our website. Do you have questions about our services? Please feel free to contact us via our contact form or just give us a call!

RvE’s sliding doors in RC3 include maximum safety without having to abandon aesthetics and comfort. A burglar-resistant sliding door in RC3 quality, individually manufactured according to the requirements of our respective customer, provides effective protection against burglary and vandalism. These sliding doors are tested and certified to EN 1627 up to resistance class RC3. We are certified! This makes the doors ideal for properties with a high risk of burglary. Our RC3 sliding door complies with the safety requirements and meets high architectural demands. Such doors are available in wood and wood-aluminum and with slim profiles in various schemes.

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