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Sustainability Our responsibility for the future

Since 1681, everything is all about wood in our manufactory. This raw material has always been ideally suited to protect the environment and, as a building material, to contribute to human health in a natural way thanks to its numerous positive properties. We have known this for a long time. Therefore, the farsighted and responsible handling of material, resources and Mother Nature has been part of our corporate philosophy for generations.

Resource-friendly production At our location in Senden-Bösensell

At the beginning of 2018, we have rebuilt our production hall in accordance with all the ecological rules of architecture: energy-optimized with our own photovoltaic system and a highly-energetic insulated external facade, with energy-efficient LED light management and large window fronts for plenty of daylight, a modern gas condensing boiler heating with two separately controllable control circuits and a system for waste heat utilization for heating the production hall. Through these investments, we generate part of the required energy ourselves, and valuable heat is not lost unused. Almost every order is a custom-made product. This usually means an increased proportion of manual production and lower power consumption due to the use of large machines. In this way, we also secure jobs for qualified carpenters and joiners here in the Münsterland region. We preferably obtain our wood from sustainable ecological cultivation from regional producers. Short distances and collected transports reduce the CO2 balance and strengthen the economy in our region. With modern machines and well thought-out production processes, we ensure that our products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way with low waste. Our waste timber is a valuable substitute raw material which we pass on to certified specialist companies and in this way feed into a new recycling cycle, for example for thermal energy generation.

RvE production site in Münsterland.
Whoever chooses windows and doors made of wood,
makes a good choice – for himself and our planet.

Environment-friendly product Natural. Healthy. Sustainable.

Due to its numerous natural physical properties, wood has so far been unbeaten as a material for high-quality windows and doors. Its thermal and sound insulation values are excellent. This gives our customers a restful sleep and saves energy. Wooden elements have the ability to regulate the humidity of the air in the interior spaces. They ensure a comfortable living climate at all times without the need for electric humidifiers. In contrast to plastic or synthetic materials, wood does not charge itself electrostatically and does not attract dust particles. Allergy sufferers appreciate this very much. Wooden elements withstand wind and weather, sun and wind for long periods - as can be seen impressively in old cultural assets and listed buildings. If wooden windows and doors are no longer attractive to look at or warped after decades or centuries, they can be repaired or restored in a more economically and ecologically sensible way. This saves money and produces less waste. If they have to be disposed of at some point, they are biodegradable - unlike metal or plastic. Of course, we use environmentally friendly processes for coating our windows and doors. We use products with biomass-balanced bonding agents that are manufactured without fossil raw materials such as crude oil. The lacquers and paints we use are solvent-free and are marked with the Blue Angel.

RvE stands for eco-friendly products of the  highest quality.
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