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RvE Doors in Wood and Wood-AluminiumFor modern design and historical architecture

In our manufactory, we manufacture doors of wood and wood-aluminum of all shapes, sizes and styles from historical and historically protected to modern for indoor and outdoor use with the most innovative technology and in perfect craftsmanship. Our certified security doors according to DIN EN 1627 in resistance classes RC2 to RC4 and FB4 bullet resistance provide protection against burglary In our safety products, we commingle high mechanical safety with today's standard for thermal insulation, soundproofing and, on request, fire protection. Our security products bring together high mechanical safety for your home with nowaday’s standard for thermal and sound insulation as well as fire protection if requested. Our doors versions are also available as barrier-free with a flat threshold up to resistance class RC4 - for maximum living comfort.

The Perfect Door for Every Taste Wide range. Made to measure

Whether full-leaf door, framed door with glass or metal insert, modern folding/ sliding system or lifting-sliding door for terraces and balconies, with skylights and side panels, sash bars and carvings or replicas of historical originals complying with the strict requirements of the monument protection authority - you will find it with us. Various finishes, paints and colours, fittings and handles are features defining the look of a door that perfectly suits you and your property.

We also produce individual custom-made solutions for you, for example multi-leaf Dutch doors, oversized barn doors with round arches or door elements with sliding partition in the casing.

RvE modern panoramic windows

Material Wood A piece of nature for your home

Doors made of wood are in more demand than ever. Why? Since its distinct character, versatility and inherent qualities are unrivalled despite modern high-tech materials. Wooden elements bring a slice of nature into your home. The organic material exudes warmth and cosiness, has an antibacterial effect and, ensures a pleasant room climate thanks to the regulation of air humidity and the discreet inherent smell. Wood is strong, resistant and has first-class insulation values for thermal and sound insulation. And, it offers an almost endless range of design options that leaves nothing to be desired. Not to mention the sustainability of the renewable raw material and the low environmental impact... In brief: wood is the ideal material in every sense of the word, from well-designed room doors that complete your interior design to furniture, to durable, safe exterior doors that beautify your façade and keep uninvited guests away.

vE reproduction of historic door with safety standard to RC4
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