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Historic Doors Made by RvEReplicas better than the original

Historic doors and portals are mostly handcrafted individual pieces that impress with their individuality and impressively testify to the craftsmanship of past eras. With ornaments, mullions, several leaves and perhaps even small irregularities, they have significantly shaped the look and charm of a building for generations. Preserving this cultural heritage is often not only a wish of the owner, but also a requirement of the local monument protection authority.

Protecting Traditions Preserving values

The true-to-original replica is recommended, if historic door elements can no longer be restored. The same applies if an old building is to be brought up to date in terms of energy or safety. In our factory, we manufacture interior and exterior doors as historically true-to-original replicas, but complementing them with the latest technical innovations, which are virtually invisibly - as is the case with the former villa of fashion designer Jil Sander in Hamburg. RvE replicas are equally suited to the historical appearance and today's demands on thermal and sound insulation, durability, functionality and safety. The wood used is particularly weather-resistant and durable thanks to our special surface treatment. Making your doors still look splendid in 100 years' time.

We manufacture historical doors and listed doors as security elements up to resistance class RC3 and bullet resistance FB4 – for optimum protection of our customers against burglary even in old buildings.

RvE manufactures listed doors with security standard up to RC3
Hello, come on in, and bring happiness.(old house blessing)

True-to-original Reproduction Ultimate authenticity

Whether for private old-style villas or public representative buildings: we manufacture historic doors and portals for every architectural style and, if necessary, work closely with the respective monument protection authority.

Our manufactory provides visually true-to-original copies of your historical elements using traditional craftsmanship and expertise: filigree frames, glass inserts, skylights, profiled fillings, cassettes, Viennese glazing bars or glass portioning transoms, ornaments, one or more leaves, historic finishes, authentic fittings and and and. This way, we achieve the highest possible authenticity of our copy compared to your historical original.

RvE manufactures listed doors with security standard up to RC3

Listed Doors and Portals Historical optics. Modern funcitionality

Our employees have many years of experience in dealing with historical building fabric and find individual solutions for building owners and architects that also meet the strict requirements of the monument protection authorities. Slim profiles (sash bar profiles, transom profiles, windowsill profiles) and special surface treatment create a historically perfect appearance of our monument protection elements.

Upon the customer’s request and subject to approval of the monument protection authority, we can improve our historical replicas to today's standards for sound and thermal insulation and fuse them with modern, highly functional and possibly fully concealed fittings. Additional features such as fire protection (up to T90), burglary protection (up to RC3) and bullet-resistant glazing (FB4) as well as special solutions are also available.

RvE manufactures listed doors with security standard up to RC3
Drawing of historical detail of RvE replica
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