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Our Materials Top quality for top products

Our company always places quality first - both in terms of service and material that we use. Best raw materials are the prerequisite for top products. This not only applies to wood and glass, but also to fittings and all the small components that we integrate into our elements or that we provide as additional equipment such as: blinds, shutters and alarm systems.

The idea of sustainability and a high level of environmental awareness go hand in hand with our quality standards. We use timber from selected suppliers, preferably from the region, and we implement environmentally friendly processes for coating of our windows and doors. The applied lacquers are marked with the Blue Angel.

Our Timber Selected with care

Each piece of wood is unique and cannot be replaced in its authenticity. Anyone desiring durable and environmentally friendly windows and doors with an individual touch opts for elements made of wood or wood-aluminum. Not every type of wood is suitable for high quality windows and doors. That is because they are exposed to wind and weather as part of the façade. They have to withstand sun and rain, heat and cold. Therefore, we only use woods, which we select according to hardness, the quality of the growth and the grain, the moisture level, the natural durability and the stability with the utmost care to the purpose and the desired design. Oak, Meranti, Sipo mahogany, pine and larch are particularly popular among our customers. Also all other types of wood of appropriate quality and value are used for our products. Our woods are usually 3- or 4-layer glued and therefore particularly dimensionally stable and of high strength.

Especially for security windows and security doors, the density or hardness of the wood is of the essence. The higher the density, the harder the wood and the better the strength and resistance to wear. For our security elements, we use oak wood with a density of at least 650 kg/ m3 or, subject to the customer's request, other woods of appropriate hardness, such as Sipo mahogany with 690 kg/ m3. For historical elements, we apply native woods such as oak or pine, which are traditionally used in window construction and comply with the strict requirements of the conservation authorities. Upon request, duo wood elements that combine different types of wood inside and outside are available – provided that the wood-specific characteristics (shrinkage, swelling and distortion) of the used wood are compatible. This is the only way we can ensure a durable product.

Windows and doors in wood – a piece of nature for your home.

Woods at a Glance

Oak wood is one of the most popular and valuable hardwoods, from which almost everything can be produced from half-timbered house to parquet. Among the native deciduous tree species, oak is best suited for window and door constructions. Its enormous strength and high content of tannic acid make oak wood extremely durable, weather resistant and resistant to fungus and pest infestation.

This wood is very distinctive, fine pored and shows a very uniform creation of heartwood from gray-yellow to yellow-brown. For safety elements from resistance class RC3, we use oak wood with a minimum density of 650 kg / m3.

Meranti is a tropical, hard hardwood with a reddish colour, which we process in the options Light Red (450 kg/ m3) and Dark Red (720 kg/ m3). This wood looks very precious due to its fine-pored and even surface and does not become darker in colour.

Meranti is very durable, insensitive and shows excellent stability. It is therefore highly suitable for windows and doors with a high resistance class (RC3).

Sipo is an African hardwood and belongs to the mahogany plants. It shows the reddish-brown coloration typical for mahogany and a very similar grain to the real "American" mahogany. This wood has a gross density of 690 kg/ m3 and is porous with very good stability. The high proportion of natural oils makes Sipo heartwood resistant to moisture and decomposition.

Sipo mahogany is often used in cabinetry and is suitable as a construction wood for inside and outside. It is ideal for areas with high humidity such as swimming pools.

Larch wood, with a gross weight of 550 kg/ m3, is one of the hardest and heaviest European softwoods. Owing to its beautiful feel and look, it has been used as a timber for furniture, windows and doors for centuries. It is inherently very dimensionally stable and robust.

With a high proportion of natural oils, larch wood is particularly insensitive to adverse weather conditions. The reddish-brown colour and the strong grain give this wood a rather rustic charm.

Pines have always been a very popular material as timber, furniture wood and for windows and doors. Pinewood is rather light and relatively soft with a gross density of 520 kg/ m3, but still very dimensionally stable with good stability. Due to its natural characteristics, it shows a very good thermal insulation.

Since pinewood is less resistant to moisture, it requires extensive maintenance - especially in direct exposure to weather. Pine forests are growing fast and are managed in a sustainable manner in Germany, i.e. deforested areas are being reforested.

Surfaces, Colours, Lacquers Longlasting. Beautiful. Customized

Our triple varnish coating ensures a perfect and durable colour result for both hardwood and softwood - whether classic white or modern colours, whether monochrome, multicolored or natural varnishes.

We provide our customers with an almost unlimited selection of traditional and modern shades: from wood tones to opaque surfaces, from monochrome to multicolour. We gladly produce the surfaces of your windows and doors inside and outside with different colours – to magnificently adapt to the existing furnishings. For almost all shades, we can offer the Remmers 10-year warranty on the lamination. If required, we use products with oil coating for historical windows and monument protection elements.

Aluminum casings from German brand manufacturers that match your design are available from us in the entire available colour spectrum powder-coated, anodised or also in a textured or wood decor look. For fans of unusual optics, we now have a new surface in our range: a metal finish for aluminum casements for outdoors, which we can produce in a wide variety of colors and with an oxidized patina.

Our manufactory places great emphasis on an optimal surface treatment of wood and aluminum elements. Only then can we guarantee the lasting beauty of our products. Thanks to our wide range of wooden surfaces - from smooth to brushed and limed - and possible colours, there are virtually no limits set to our customers’ wishes.

In numerous elaborate working steps (defined in accordance with DIN 68800 Part 3), our wood elements are impregnated against blueness, rot and insect infestation, fine sanded and prepared for the application of lacquer. After priming, drying and intermediate sanding, we apply an intermediate coating in the desired colour by manually spraying. A special process ensures a slow, even drying from the inside to the outside. After further fine sanding and removal of the sander dust by compressed air, the product is finish-coated - also by manually spraying. This multi-level, partly manual process requiring a lot of knowledge and time form wooden elements with high-quality surfaces that look beautiful over decades.

We use water-soluble and environmentally friendly lacquers and paints marked with the Blue Angel allowing the wood to breathe, i.e. water vapor can easily pass through and giving it a high weather resistance.

Glasses Beautiful. Functional. Safe

We offer our customers a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art and functional glass from leading glass manufacturers, which can be mixed differently depending on the structure of the product and its intended use. For example, window elements IV91 triple-glazed with sun protection, alarm glass plus safety glass up to resistance class P8B and bullet resistance as well as elements with glass panels or curved glass up to RC3 for historical replicas are available. Our offered glasses can be individualized and designed by the respective manufacturer in various ways - for example, by sandblasting, lacquering or glass-ceramic screen-printing.

We are happy to advise and support you.

Modern glasses can provide a variety of functions: thermal insulation, sound insulation, privacy and sun protection, burglary protection, alarm and bullet resistance. The appropriate glazing of windows and doors thus contributes to the conservation of the environment through energy savings as well as to the well-being of our customers in their homes. However, these technical requirements must always be consistent with the desired visual aesthetics - be it for listed buildings or modern design concepts.

Incidentally, front doors with glazing are no less secure than other front door panels. Quite the contrary: Modern safety glasses offer high mechanical protection against burglary and uninvited guests.

Safety glazing is not only an issue for persons and institutions from politics, business and society worthy of protection. Even where children are staying and playing, their use may prevent severe injuries from splintering glass.

In the manufacture of laminated safety glass (VSG), two sheets of glass are bonded together with one or more elastic, highly tear-resistant polymer films under pressure and high temperatures. The result is a reinforced glass unit that cannot be hammered in like normal glass and at the same time improves thermal insulation and sound insulation. If broken, fragments of glass stick to the films and cannot be removed from the glass. This makes it difficult for persons or objects to penetrate while reducing the risk of cuts. Car manufacturers have been using this glass for windscreens for a long time. VSG is also used for fall protection and for overhead glazing. This type of glass is adaptable to climate protection, thermal insulation, sun protection or sound insulation glass as a double or triple insulating glass.Subject to structure and thickness of the panes, VSG covers different resistance classes, which serve the needs of private burglary protection, personal and property protection. Our certified safety elements of the resistance classes RC2 and RC3 include standard laminated safety glass of the categories P4A to P6B (DIN EN 356). For glass thicknesses 4 and 5, the test method requires a dropping of a heavy steel ball weighing around 4 kg several times from different heights onto the glass without being able to break through the glass. For P6B, the test element must withstand 30 to 50 strokes with a 2 kg axe. On request, we can alternatively integrate safety glasses up to P8B, the highest safety level that resists power tools such as drilling machines.

For bullet-proof windows of category FB4 (bombardment with 44 Rem Remo Magnum) we integrate VSG class BR4 NS - not splintering. Since glass splinters, which result from the bombardment with a firearm, can be just as deadly to humans as the weapon itself.

Tempered safety glass (ESG) is more shock- and impact-resistant than standard glass, as the glass surface of this pane is thermally toughened (DIN EN 12600) by a special thermal treatment during the manufacturing process. If the load is too high, the safety glass breaks into small blunt pieces, thereby considerably reducing the risk of injury. This type of glass has been used for vehicle side windows for many decades and is used in special façade structures and in the interior area, for example in the sanitary sector.

Alarm glasses are tempered safety glasses with an imprinted electrical conductor loop that is connected to an alarm system. This alarm system can be visibly assembled to deter intruders or even as concealed design according to the customer’s requirements. If the pane bursts, the conductor loop is interrupted and an alarm is triggered (VdS test number G 107072).

State-of-the-art fire-resistant glazing is multifunctional and complies with several stipulations imposed by the building inspectorate: they prevent the passage of fire over a certain period of time and also protect you and your property from smoke and thermal radiation. The melting point of this insulating glass is increased by chemical admixture and can withstand up to 90 minutes in case of fire. Of course, our fire-resistant glasses of categories 30 to 90 can be enhanced with other functions such as burglary protection or sun protection.

RvE Windows with safety glass

Good thermal insulation of buildings meets today's demand for energy saving and environmental protection. Accordingly, we always use high-quality double and triple insulation glass for our wood and wood-aluminum windows. This heat protection glass consists of two or three panes of glass with vaporized silver oxide coating. There is a hermetically sealed hollow space between the panes, which is filled with a mixture of dry air and inert gas and serves for thermal insulation. The edge seal that is attached around the individual panes is made of a composite material. Due to this "warm edge" the individual glass panes are thermally separated, i.e. valuable thermal heat remains in the room.

The heat transfer coefficient (Ug value) of a glazing indicates how much energy per second and m2 glass surface is lost at a temperature difference of 1 Kelvin. The higher this value, the more heat is lost. We use double insulating glass that is highly insulating with Ug values of 1.1. For triple glazing, we attain Ug values of 0.5.

Despite the heat protection coating, our insulation glass has the highest possible colour neutrality, high light transmission and a greatly reduced mirror effect. This glass can be installed in any size and can be linked with increased sound insulation and safety functions.

Sound insulation glasses are insulating glasses with a special structure effectively shielding your home from unpleasant noise. Sound insulation glasses interrupt the natural frequency of the noise source through heavy and differently thick glass panes, a larger space between the panes, the filling with the inert gas krypton and additional acoustic PVB films ensuring stress-free living and quiet sleep.

For optimum sound insulation, the glazing must be selected to match the main source of noise and the associated frequency, the frame construction, the sealing system, the size of the panes and the surrounding walls of the building. We provide sound insulation glasses up to a sound insulation performance of approx. 54 db and can combine these with thermal insulation, sun protection and safety glass according to the customer’s requirements.

Sun protection glasses are special insulation glasses with graded LT values (light transmission level), which amongst others are determined by the coating system. The integrated sun protection and the excellent thermal insulation prevent the heating-up of the interior due to intense sunlight and ensure a pleasant room climate even at high outside temperatures and maximum panoramic windows. Different colour shades and reflection performance of the glasses underline an excellent and individual aesthetic of individual window elements and large-area glazing.

Fittings The icing on the cake for your elements

The fitting parts are made of different materials (from stainless steel and aluminum to brass, low-carbon steel, bronze and synthetic material) and are available with various surface finishes. On the one hand, this finish protects against corrosion in the long term, on the other hand, it defines the colour and surface structure of the fittings.

We offer mechanical, electrical and automatic door locks, also e.g. with fingerprint. Choose according to your personal taste and suitable for the intended purpose from our extensive range.

For security elements, we use fittings with appropriate certification. The safety button developed by us as a special solution replaces lockable window handles of resistance classes RC2 to RC3 and can be coupled with any kind of window handle.

Functionality, durability and aesthetics of your windows and doors are also largely determined by the selected fittings. For all window versions up to resistance class RC4, we use the fully concealed hardware of German brand manufacturers. These are not visible when the window is closed and therefore fit into any desired design. Modern fittings are also available for historic windows and listed building elements upon request. Despite narrow profiles, we achieve the contemporary comfort and safety of a modern window. Alternatively, historical fittings can be refurbished or reconstructed true-to-original. For window handles, door hinges and door fittings, we offer our customers a wide selection of several manufacturers (i.e. JATEC, BISSCHOP, FSB), which leaves nothing to be desired in appearance, feel or functionality.

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