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Bullet-proof Security Doors in Wood and Wood-Aluminum According to DIN EN 1522

To protect life and limb from the deadly threat of firearms, we recommend in addition to a high resistance class (RC), the furnishing of your wood or wood-aluminum elements with additional bullet resistance. Frame, glazing and fittings thus become a security barrier without weak points, which optimally secures you against assailants.

Throughout Europe, the bullet-resistance classes FB1 to FB7 are defined according to DIN EN 1522. These classes indicate the resistance to attacks with firearms of different calibers. We offer products up to FB6 (attack by shotgun caliber 7.62 x 51), thus a very high protection standard. It is essential to choose the glass in the quality NS (not splintering).

As glass splinters resulting from the bombardment with a firearm, can be as deadly for the inhabitants as the weapon itself. In a ballistics test, a German test laboratory checks whether the window or door as an overall construction can withstand the fire of a certain type of weapon.

The projectile of a .44 Remington Magnum is already inhibited in the FB4 class. In the ballistics test of this class, the test element is fired at from a distance of 5 meters at 42 previously marked points with this calibre. The full metal jacket bullets hit the frame, connection and glazing (safety glass BR4NS) at an average speed of 450 m/sec. The firing angle varies between 45 and 90°.

Bullet and Burglary Resistance Certified protection for life and limb


We offer our customers certified burglar-resistant security elements in cat. RC2 to RC4 made of wood and wood-aluminum in combination with bullet-resistance FB4 to FB6 (attack by shotgun caliber 7.62 x 51) and thus a very high standard.

Our safety products combine optimum mechanical safety for your home with today's common standards for thermal insulation, sound insulation and, if desired, fire protection.


Bullet proofing resistance classes

Resistance class acc. to DIN EN 1522Glass acc. to DIN EN 1063Type of weaponCaliberTesting distance
FB3BR3handgun357 Mag.5m
FB4BR4handgun357 Mag.5m
FB4BR4handgun44 Rem. Mag.5m
FB5BR5shotgun5,56 x 4510m
FB6BR6shotgun5,56 x 4510m
FB6BR6shotgun7,62 x 5110m
FB7BR7shotgun7,62 x 5110m
RvE Expert for bullet-proof security windows and doors
FB4 Certificate by RvE

Your questions – our answers

Do security windows or security doors look different from usual elements?


Only from resistance class RC4 or bullet-resistance class FB6 onwards is a difference noticeable. For the lower security levels, the layperson will not see any difference between standard elements and security elements - neither from the outside nor from the inside.


For more questions and answers please visit our FAQ.

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