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Certified Security Doors RC2 In wood and wood-aluminum according to DIN EN 1627

We plan, produce and install PfB-certified security doors made of wood and wood-aluminum according to DIN EN 1627ff in the resistance classes RC2 to RC4 also with bullet-resistance (DIN EN 1522) and fire protection. Our doors are made to measure for your property and fit in perfectly with any architectural style: from historical and listed to ultra-modern.

RvE elements in RC2 offer increased burglary protection and have been proven to withstand the break-in attempt of an occasional perpetrator for at least 3 minutes.

Depending on customer requirements, we use soft or hard wood such as pine, larch, Sipo mahogany, Meranti or oak – of course in the best quality and from sustainable cultivation. Doors made of wood are unique and a long-term investment that pays off in the long run: for your property, for nature and for your health!

As wood is a natural high-tech material and its unique physical properties ensure an optimal living climate within your own four walls. It is antibacterial, moisture dispersant, breathable and does not develop toxic vapours or acids such as plastic elements in the event of fire. Another benefit: wood has excellent insulation values for heat and sound by nature.

True to our motto "For protective and marvelous views", we manufacture safety elements in our manufactory without compromising on the desired design. Our experience, innovative knowledge and the material wood make this possible.

We would be pleased to develop special solutions for you on request.

Your benefits with RvE security doorsin resistance class RC2


  • guaranteed mechanical security with DIN-certificate 1627ff
  • individual design in accordance to your wishes
  • production made to measure
  • suitable for every architectural style also with monument protection
  • slim profiles and visible widths for maximum views
  • premium woods from sustainable cultivation as added value for your property
  • thermal and sound insulation pursuant to latest standards
  • optimal for your health
  • optimal for the environment
  • everything from a single source: consulting – planning – detailed drawing with connection to the building – production – installation
  • made in Germany since 1681
  • recommended by the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation

Possible additional options


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Burglary resistant security doors RC2 RC3 RC4 by RvE

RC2 security doors are available from us in the following versions:


You can download our product portfolio according to resistance classes here.

Your questions – our answers For whom are security windows and security doors useful?


Basically, for all people who want to protect themselves, their family or their belongings. We are, therefore, talking about both burglary prevention and personal protection. Even if there is usually no personal injury, a burglary leaves behind an emotional harm, a massive feeling of insecurity for many of those affected. Windows and doors are the last barrier to keep out intruders and protect you when the watchdog, fence and alarm system fail. Which resistance class is appropriate for which areas of a property can be determined by experts from the local criminal investigation department or, more precisely, we can tell you after an on-site inspection and a thorough assessment of the potential danger. The police generally recommend security class RC2 to RC3 for windows and doors in the hand or standing area of private households. But beware: If there are ladders, easily accessible balconies, garage roofs, high dustbins or similar, burglars can take advantage of this and also easily reach the higher floors.

In consequence, we always look at a property in its entirety and check which areas may need additional protection or whether structural changes in the property's surroundings are necessary to provide real protection.

By the way, security elements are also very useful from an energy and environmental point of view if you have old elements without current standards. If you are planning an energy-efficient renovation of your property, it makes sense to think about security at the same time. In this way, you kill two birds with one stone.

More questions and answers about our security elements can be found here.

RvE Manufacturer for security doors with monument protection
RvE Manufacturer for folding/sliding units in RC2
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