SecurityRvE Fenster + Türen Manufaktur


With our custom-made security windows and doors, you achieve a high level of mechanical protection for your property. Since they are custom, they can be made for both listed buildings and modern structures. We offer products certified in categories RC2 – RC4.


Bullet Resistance

For properties with heightened security requirements, not only is the resistance class, but also the bullet resistance of your windows and doors of tremendous importance. We have products that offer up to a very high Class FB7 resistance to such bullets as 7.62 x 51 hard core ammunition.


Protection Room

A protection room is an space in the building equipped with adequate security technologies to protect the occupants from violent attacks. Escape rooms  are built to a high security standard to prevent intrusion and bullet penetration that can protect you and those around you in emergency situations until help arrives.

Fire Protection

Our certified fire-resistant windows and doors provide long-term protection from injury caused by the smoke and heat of a fire that may break out in your building. Our F30 – F90 windows and T60 doors can be combined with our RC3 and FB4 solutions.


Resistance Classes

Various security features are assigned a resistance class (RC). This defined as the time a window or a door can withstand attempted break-ins with various types of tools or means the culprits may attempt to use.