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RvE Windows in Wood and Wood-Aluminium For modern design and historic architecture

With great attention to detail and the most innovative technology, we manufacture windows and French windows made of wood and wood-aluminum of all shapes and sizes for historic and listed buildings as well as modern architecture.

Protection against burglary is provided by our DIN EN 1627 certified security windows in resistance classes RC2 to RC4. Our safety products combine high mechanical safety for your home with nowadays common standards in terms of thermal insulation, sound insulation, if desired also bullet resistance, fire protection and flood resistance. We offer lift-up sliding door systems also as barrier-free with a flat threshold up to resistance class RC4 - for maximum living comfort.

Suitable Windows for Every Taste Wide range. Made to measure

Windows are more than openings in a façade, which let in light and air. They are decisive for the charisma of a building and at the same time individual expression of the living and life feeling of its owner. Size, shape, colour, style and workmanship of a window determine its spatial effect significantly. And of course the material. Wood provides numerous advantages that have made it the ideal raw material for beautiful and high quality windows for centuries.

Whether round, square, oval or curved, with and without sash bars, floor-to-ceiling, as a panoramic glass front or large skylight - RVE windows give your property the perfect look. We produce faithful replicas of historical elements, which meet the strict requirements of the monument protection authorities and can be optimized to today's standards. With us, you obtain complete interior and exterior paneling according to your ideas.

We are your specialist for customized solutions in window construction: For example, we manufacture monument protection windows with safety standards up to resistance class RC3 or tilt-and-turn vertical sliding windows.

RvE modern panoramic windows

Wood A piece of nature for your home

Every customer is different. The same goes for our timber. This provides us with the opportunity to select the optimal materials for your windows and to customize them according to your wishes. Wood offers almost unlimited freedom of design since it can be easily combined with a wide variety of types of glasses, fittings and easy-care aluminum outer shells. We can easily add additional equipment such as alarm systems, blinds and ventilation.

RVE windows made of wood and wood-aluminum are timelessly beautiful, remain dimensionally stable over generations and contribute to the healthy living environment of your home. Wood conveys value, warmth and comfort, regulates the humidity and has an antibacterial effect. Moreover, the thermal and acoustic insulation of wood is first-class by nature, so that wooden windows are used even in hotels on high-traffic roads. By the way, wood elements cause the least impact on the greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, acidification, overfertilization and ecotoxicity. And they are recyclable.

RvE reproduction of historic windows with safety standard to RC3
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