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Certified Security Windows RvE windows made of wood and wood-aluminum protect you and your environment

The core business of our manufactory is mechanical safety for modern buildings, old buildings and listed buildings of any style from the private or public sector. Be it villas, private homes or lofts, consulates, embassies, banks, museums, art galleries or jewelers.

Certified Safety without Weak Spots Frame, glass and fitting as a unit

We produce certified security windows made of wood and wood-aluminum of resistance classes RC2 to RC4 (DIN EN 1627) also with bullet-resistant glazing (DIN EN 1522) and fire protection up to F90.

Frame construction, security glazing and fittings are perfectly coordinated with one another by us. Our security elements not merely provide high passive protection against burglary and theft for your property. They also fit almost invisibly into the respective architectural concept and go hand in hand with improved thermal insulation and sound insulation. Active security is provided by combinations with electrical alarm devices that we can integrate in visible or concealed version. We manufacture window elements also in flood-resistant design up to resistance class RC3. Our innovative special solutions include tilt-and-turn vertical sliding windows of resistance class RC3.

RvE windows for more security - for you, your family and your employees.

PfB-certified security windows made by RvE

Premium Products with Verification Certified and recommended

Proving the quality of our products and offering our customers transparency in comparison with other products, we regularly have our security elements tested and certified. What is more: our entire production is also subject to an annual external monitoring by the Testing Center for Components in Rosenheim (PfB). We are recommended as a manufacturer of certified security elements by the Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation.

On request, we will gladly send you our test certificates.

RvE certified security windows made of wood and wood-alu
RvE Certificate RC3-FB4

Resistance Classes According to DIN EN 1627 Resistance Classes (RC)

The security features are allocated to one of six resistance classes (Resistance Class or RC for short) according to DIN EN 1627. The RC is defined pursuant to the resistance time of a window or door in the event of a break-in attempt. As well as the type of tools used for a burglary attempt.

RC2 is generally recommended. This class comes along with security features that can easily withstand a break-in attempt by an occasional perpetrator. In this case, for example, it is attempted to pry the lock using a screwdriver. This resistance class does not maintain resistance to a break-in attempt with heavier tools or to destruction of the glazing for very long. The RC2 is thus a standard that is insufficient for more demanding objects.

The RC3 withstands a break-in attempt by a practiced perpetrator using additional tools such as a large crowbar over a long period of time.

The RC4 withstands at least 10 minutes of attack by an experienced perpetrator with additional cordless drills, saws and striking tools.

You can download our product portfolio according to resistance classes here as PDF.

Resistance ClassPhysical force applied during an attempted break-in: Profile - Tools - Minimum Contact TimeAvailable from RvE in the following window versions of wood and wood-aluminumAvailable from RvE in the following door versions of wood and wood-aluminum
RC2 / RC3

Elements of the resistance class 2 provide increased burglary protection.
The occasional perpetrator uses physical violence and simple tools such as a screwdriver, pliers and wedges to open the locked element.
Minimum contact time: 3 min

RC3 elements provide a high level of burglary protection.
The practiced perpetrator additionally uses a second screwdriver and a crowbar to open the locked window.
Minimum contact time: 5 min

  • Modern and historic windows
  • Casement windows
  • Vertical sliding windows
  • Coupled windows
  • Monument protection windows
  • Integral system up to 4,50 m height (also available as floor-level French casement window)
  • Mullion-transom façades
  • Lift-up sliding door system (up to 13 m width x 3,40 m height)
  • Folding/sliding units up to RC2
  • Flood-resistant windows
  • With bullet resistance
  • Fire protection up to F90
  • Customized solutions like tilt-and-turn vertical sliding window or XXL formats upon request
  • External and internal doors
  • Modern doors
  • Historic doors
  • Monument protection doors
  • Safe Haven doors (up to FB6)
  • Escape doors
  • Mullion-transom façades
  • Folding/sliding units up to RC2
  • Lift-up sliding door system (up to 13 m width x 3,40 m height)
  • Barrier-free with flat threshold
  • With bullet resistance
  • Fire protection up to T90
  • Customized solutions like XXL formats or with sliding partition in door frame upon request

Elements of the resistance class 4 and above provide a very high level of burglary protection.
The experienced perpetrator additionally uses cutting and striking tools, e.g. axe, crowbar, hammer and chisel as well as a battery-operated drill.
Minimum contact time: 10 min

  • Lift-up sliding door systems (with FB4)
  • French casement windows
  • With skylights
  • Fixed Glazings
  • Flood-resistant windows
  • Bullet resistant windows
  • Customized solutions upon request
  • External and internal doors
  • Lift-up sliding door systems (with FB4)
  • Barrier-free with flat treshold
  • Safe Haven doors (up to FB6)
  • With bullet resistance
  • Fire protection up to T30
  • Customized solutions upon request
RC5 / RC6

The very experienced perpetrator additionally uses electric power tools, e.g. a drilling machine, a jigsaw and an angle grinder with different disc diameters. 
Minimum contact time: 15 min / 20 min

Bullet Resistance According to DIN EN 1522

To protect life and limb from the deadly threat of firearms, we recommend in addition to a high resistance class (RC), the furnishing of your wood or wood-aluminum elements with additional bullet resistance. Frame, glazing and fittings thus become a security barrier without weak points, which optimally secures you against assailants. Throughout Europe, the bullet-resistance classes FB1 to FB7 are defined according to DIN EN 1522.

These classes indicate the resistance to attacks with firearms of different calibers. We offer products up to FB6 (attack by shotgun caliber 7.62 x 51), thus a very high protection standard. It is essential to choose the glass in the quality NS (not splintering). As glass splinters resulting from the bombardment with a firearm, can be as deadly for the inhabitants as the weapon itself. More information...

Fire Protection Classes According to DIN 4102

Since the fire resistance period of a wall cannot be shortened by doors or windows in accordance with the fire protection regulations, the door, window or, in general, the glazing must have the same fire protection class. Windows and doors are classified into fire protection classes F and T. Furthermore, a classification is based on the time it takes for the material to maintain its function in case of fire.

Heat-resistant glazing, classified as fire-retardant, is given the designation F30, where 30 stands for the minutes in which functionality can be maintained. For highly fire retardant systems, the time is 60 minutes. Fire resistance is attested from 90 minutes, high fire resistance from 120 minutes and maximum fire resistance from 180 minutes.

We provide certified products of the classes fire retardant T30/ F30 to fire resistant T90/ F90, which protect our customers from fire, smoke and heat radiation for a long period in case of fire. The practicable windows F30 to F90 and doors T60 doors can be combined with RC3 and FB4 solutions.

By the way: In case of fire, windows and doors made of wood or wood-aluminum provide better protection of people and property than plastic elements. This is because they withstand high temperatures for a long time without releasing highly toxic dioxins. This way, escape routes remain accessible for longer, and buildings and furnishings are not contaminated by toxins and acids from PVC.

Funding Opportunities For greater safety in your own home

Building owners can secure their house or apartment with various construction or conversion measures while reducing energy consumption.

For the financing of the individual measures, support is provided from the state development bank KfW in the form of subsidies and loans. In addition, there are regional and local subsidies for burglary protection - tax deductions and adjusted insurance rates are also possible.

  • Possibly funding by cities and municipalities with own funding programmes
  • Tax benefit depending on personal situation and level of investment
  • Funding by BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) in conjunction with an energetic restoration

For more information, for example, see the K-Burglary Initiative.

(Information without guarantee and without any claim to completeness)

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