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RvE Security Windows for Historic ArchitectureTrue-to-original replicas with high safety standard

Historic windows are witnesses of former times. Culturally valuable and often technically and aesthetically high quality, it is important to preserve them as best as possible for future generations. For they may have shaped the face of a house for centuries - and should continue to do so in the future.

Our manufactory specializes in the production of historic windows and listed windows up to the resistance class RC3 (DIN EN 1627) also with bullet resistance (DIN EN 1522) – providing optimum protection against burglary even in old buildings.

Certified Security Windows Certified elements. Real protection

Real protection against burglary or attack with a firearm is granted only by using elements with appropriate certification with frame, glass and fitting are proven to be perfectly adapted to each other. We produce safety products of resistance classes RC2 to RC4 and bullet resistance FB4, which - just like our entire production - are certified by the testing center for components. The Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation recommends us as a manufacturer of security elements.

In our historic window elements, we combine high mechanical safety for your home with today's standard for thermal insulation and sound insulation. Our historic window elements bring together high mechanical safety for your home with current standard for thermal and sound insulation. On request, we gladly send you our test certificates.

Certified Security Windows
It requires skill to build a house, having a home
is fortune, living in it happily – masterpiece.
(old house blessing)

Protecting Traditions Preserving values

If windows in old buildings with or without monument protection cannot be restored, we recommend a true-to-original replica. If the client wishes to improve the energetical or safety-related building equipment, there are two ways: The well-preserved existing window is expanded by us as a casement window. Alternatively, we can reproduce your historic windows true-to-the original style, but equipping them with the latest technological innovations. In both cases, your windows will in future meet today's standards in terms of durability, energy efficiency and sound insulation.
Through a contemporary glass, the thermal and sound insulation are optimized. Modern fittings increase functionality. The installation according to today's standard improves the impermeability of the window frame considerably. We can also realize safety standards up to RC3 and bullet resistance. The wood used becomes weather-resistant and durable thanks to our special surface treatment. Making your windows still look splendid in 100 years.

RvE specialist for reproducing historic windows with security standard up to RC3

True-to-original Reproduction Ultimate authenticity

Whether for private old-style villas or public representative buildings: we manufacture historic windows for every style of architecture and, if necessary, work closely with the respective monument protection authority.

Our manufactory produces handcrafted faithful copies of your historic windows in accordance with traditional work techniques and current expertise: filigree frames, curves, timber drip caps, slim profiles, capitals, delicate sash bars, ornaments, carvings, historic finishes, authentic fittings and so on. If required, we manufacture moulding knives especially for milling your historical replicas. By this, we achieve the highest possible authenticity of our copy compared to your historical original.

RvE specialist for reproducing historic windows with security standard up to RC3

Windows under Monumental Protection Historic splendour. Modern functionality

Our employees have many years of experience in dealing with historical building fabric and find individual solutions for building owners and architects that also meet the strict requirements of the monument protection authorities. Slim profiles (sash bar profiles, transom profiles, windowsill profiles) and special surface treatment create a historically perfect appearance of our monument protection elements. Upon the customer’s request and subject to approval of the monument protection authority, we can improve our historical replicas to today's standards for sound and thermal insulation and fuse them with modern, highly functional and possibly fully concealed fittings. Additional features such as fire protection (up to F90), burglary protection (up to RC3) and bullet-resistant glazing as well as special solutions.

RvE specialist for reproducing historic windows with security standard up to RC3

Historical Windows Overview

Since the 18th century, casement windows belong to the distinctive elements of various architectural styles in Europe. In the preservation of historic buildings, the conversion of historical single-glazed windows to casement windows is recommended. While retaining the historical window, adaption of the window’s characteristics to current standards is achieved by adding a coffer with its own casement from inside. Both casements have their own pivoting points and can be equipped with different glazing. Usually casement windows are manufactured as pivot windows.

We offer the preservation of existing external windows as well as, if necessary, a detailed replication of the exterior window. In our manufactory, we manufacture casement windows, which comply with the high requirements of the monument protection and correspond at the same time to the usual regulations of the thermal and sound protection.
As a customized solution, we produce listed windows of this type up to resistance class RC3.

RvE Casement Windows for historic and listed building with security standard
RvE Drawing of casement window

Sliding windows, which are particularly popular in England, the USA and the Benelux countries, were also installed in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. Especially in commercial buildings such as restaurants and shops. The advantage of this type of window with fixed skylight and movable lower sash is the small space required for opening and ventilation.

We offer the preservation of the existing window as well as, if necessary, a detailed replication – if requested including safety standard up to RC3.
As an innovative personalized solution, we have developed a combination of vertical sliding window and tilt-and-turn window that retains the historic outer appearance and invisibly unites with a modern window system and high protection against burglary (RC3).

 RvE customized solution tilt-and-turn vertical sliding window
RvE Drawing of vertical sliding window
RvE customized solution tilt-and-turn vertical sliding window

From a constructional perspective the coupled window is a double single window in which both sashes lie on top of each other and are connected together at a common pivot point in the frame. To clean the window panes, the two sashes can be separated. Coupled windows were widely used in Germany between the end of the 19th century until the introduction of the insulating glass pane in the early 1960s.

We offer the preservation of the existing window as well as, if necessary, a detailed replication – if requested including safety standard up to RC3.

RvE Replica of historic windows
RvE Replica of historic windows
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