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State-of-the-art Windows in Wood and Wood-Aluminium Design, safety and comfortable living

Are you looking for architecture with light and lightness? Infinite panorama and most beautiful view? Angular profiles and maximum sharpness? With us, you will surely find what you need. Being also specialized in the reproduction of historic windows, we have plenty of experience in producing elements in wood and wood-aluminum with narrowest face widths and slim lines. In our manufactory, we realize your design ideas as floor-to-ceiling windows, frameless elements, French doors, glass fronts, with skylights or all-corners, as lift-up sliding doors or folding units. Of course, with accessories such as shutters, venetian blinds or alarm devices. On request, we produce all window options with higher safety standards. We also offer our lift-up sliding door systems barrier-free with a flat threshold up to resistance class RC4 - for maximum living comfort.

Certified Security Windows Certified elements. Real protection

Real protection against burglary or attack with a firearm is granted only by using elements with appropriate certification with frame, glass and fitting are proven to be perfectly adapted to each other. We produce safety products of resistance classes RC2 to RC4 and bullet-resistance FB4, which - just like our entire production - are certified by the testing center for components. The Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation recommends us as a manufacturer of security elements.

In our historic window elements, we combine high mechanical safety for your home with today's standard for thermal insulation and sound insulation. Our historic window elements bring together high mechanical safety for your home with current standard for thermal and sound insulation. On request, we gladly send you our test certificates.

Certified and tested security windows by RvE for real protection

Design Made-to-measure Beauty from inside and outside

Windows are more than openings in a façade that let in light and air. They are decisive for the charisma of a building and at the same time individual expression of the living and life feeling of its inhabitants.

For architects and planners, windows made of wood and wood-aluminum are the ideal design element: The variety of design options in terms of look and feel, can easily implement the most individual ideas of shape, colour, surface, fitting, functionality and durability. In almost invisible combination with thermal insulation, soundproofing and safety.

In addition, customized solutions such as combined tilt-and-turn vertical sliding windows, XXL formats or flood-resistant windows are feasible, which fit perfectly into your modern architectural concept.

RvE Modern security windows in RC2 and RC3

Integral System Wood and aluminum up to 4,50 m

Generously dimensioned window elements of up to 4.50 m in height are supported by extremely narrow frames in this wood-aluminum system. Externally, the aluminum profile provides a safe, elegant and weather-resistant barrier that is easy to clean. From the inside, the wood of your choice creates a pleasant and natural living environment. In the external view, the aluminum frame can be completely concealed by the façade making the elements look like a fixed glazing.

This integral system is also available as floor-to-ceiling French casement window in resistance class RC3.

RvE Modern integral system with safety standard RC2 and RC3

Mullion-transom Façades For unlimited dimensions

Mullion-transom constructions in wood-aluminum are highly filigree with profile widths from 50 mm and provide maximum panoramic feeling for your rooms. Different woods, the choice of surfaces and the various coatings of the aluminum casing form façades in a unique design - in almost unlimited dimensions. French windows or sliding elements can easily be integrated into this system. Even a pure wooden exterior view is feasible.

Our company offers mullion-transom constructions up to the resistance class RC3 and, upon request, with bullet-resistant glazing.

RvE Mullion-transom Façades with safety standard RC2 and RC3

Lift-up Sliding Door System Room-high glass fronts with narrowest profiles

Lift-up sliding doors are becoming more and more popular - even for old buildings. Meeting the needs of our customers for fully glazed fronts for optimal enjoyment of nature, high operating comfort and space savings. The room-high elements are ideal for balconies, winter gardens and terraces and make low-ceiling rooms look more spacious. Narrowest profiles (100 mm), corner systems with all-glass corners, low thresholds, individually selected colours, lacquer finishes and handles make lift-up sliding doors the most elegant eye-catcher in your home. Widths up to 13 meters, hights up to 3.40 meters, different opening options including open corners and the mix with functional glasses for sun protection, thermal and sound insulation as well as safety are possible. Optimum ease of use is achieved through high-quality special fittings and guide rails that can bear a load of up to 600 kg and make the sliding elements easy to handle.

We manufacture certified lift-up sliding doors made of wood and wood-aluminum to resistance class RC4. Bullet-resistance FB4 is available as additional feature. Based on customer requirements and the local conditions, we can also produce lift-up sliding doors in triple glazing (IV68, IV78 and IV91) without threshold - for barrier-free living comfort and maximum feeling of freedom.

Lift-up sliding doors with safety standard RC2, RC3 and RC4 made by RvE

Folding/Sliding Doors For the perfect conversion

Are you looking for a system for your terrace, your balcony or your winter garden, that can be opened across the entire width of the wall? Dreaming of a maximum feasible panorama and a smooth transition between inside and outside? Then the installation of a folding system is recommended. Separately framed elements can be pushed together following the accordion principle. Various opening options are possible: inwards or outwards, left-aligned and right-aligned. Combinations between fixed rotary sash and folding elements are also feasible. The assembly is made on the upper frame (top-hung) or at the threshold (bottom-hung). The number of elements ranges from three to infinity - so even maximum openings are implementable. Special fittings guarantee durable functionality. The glazing can be made according to customer requirements with functional glasses (safety glass, sound and heat protection glass, solar control glass, ornamental glass for privacy). Choose from our wide range of colours, lacquer, handles and accessories to flavour your folding unit with individuality.

We provide certified folding systems in wood and wood-aluminum up to resistance class RC2.

Folding/sliding doors with safety standard RC2 made by RvE
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