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RvE Customized Solutions for Windows and DoorsDeveloped for you by us

As a manufactory with centuries of tradition, we have a lot of experience when it comes to the development of customized constructions for doors and windows. Be it for modern architecture, be it for historical or listed buildings. With inventiveness, a flair for design and excellent technical expertise, we score with architects, planners, security consultants, monument protection authorities and building owners. Our custom-made constructions are available in wood or wood-aluminum.

Windows of a Special Kind RvE customized solutions

We provide the following window types with security standard up to resistance class RC3:

For elements with RC2 and RC3 safety standard, we offer shutter boxes above the window (up to 2.5 m width or with coupling to infinity) as a special construction. Upon request, we provide folding shutters that can be operated by remote control or by a crank.

Doors of a Special KindXXL-formats and much more

For example, our numerous custom-made door construction projects in recent years have included:


  • Oversized hall doors (riding hall)
  • Outward opening door elements up to resistance class RC3
  • Door elements with sliding partitions in door frames up to resistance class RC4 and FB6
  • Dutch doors two to four-part opening outwards
  • T30 to T90 fire protection doors with RC3 and RC4 security standards

Listed Windows With burglary protection and bullet resistance

In consultation with the competent monument protection authorities amongst others in Cologne, Hamburg and London, we have developed true-to-original window replicas, which can be complemented with high security standards up to RC3 and bullet resistance.

RvE Security windows for listed buildings
RvE Drawing of casement window

Tilt-and-turn Vertical Sliding Windows Two become one

As an innovative special solution, we have developed a constellation of a vertical sliding window and a tilt-and-turn window that retains the historical appearance and invisibly combines with a modern window system and high protection against burglary (RC3) and bullet resistance.

RvE  Tilt-and-turn Vertical Sliding Window

Retrofit Solutions Old plus new

If the windows of an existing building shall be retrofitted with a higher standard of security, better thermal insulation and significantly more sound insulation, this was previously associated with extensive conversion measures. Besides the costs for new windows, the building owner had to accept a changed exterior view and the impairment caused by masonry and painting work.
The kind of retrofit/ renovation of your windows developed by us reduces this effort and the associated costs significantly: as the existing blind frame is preserved. It is doubled inward with an additional frame to accommodate a newly manufactured sash with the desired features. As a result, we do not have to intervene in the interior or exterior of the property; the existing look remains. We manufacture these retrofit solutions from wood and wood-aluminum up to resistance class RC3 and bullet resistance.

RvE  Retrofit solution

RvE Safety Button Innovative option to lockable handles

Lockable handles are part of the safety standard today. When it comes to design, architects and owners often have to make unpleasant compromises due to the oversized lock case. Our engineers have developed a safety button to solve this problem. A discreet little metal button, which is integrated into the frame at the desired location, takes over the closing function of the window handle and locks the surrounding hardware. The RvE safety button can also be used to lock vertical sliding windows and sliding doors. It is suitable for wood and wood-aluminum elements, it can be adapted to the frame colour and replaces lockable handles of resistance classes RC2 and RC3.

The RvE safety button replaces lockable window or door handles
RvE Safety button drawing
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