Modern ArchitectureRvE Fenster + Türen Manufaktur


In our factory, we produce modern windows and doors that can fit right in to your innovative architecture. These special solutions allow completely new living concepts thanks to their slim face widths. The desired security features are barely noticeable combined with the required sound barrier and energy efficiency requirements. 


Integral System

Generously dimensioned window elements of up to 4.50 m (almost 15 feet) in height are supported in this wood-aluminium system with extremely narrow frames. On the outside, the aluminium profile offers a secure, yet elegant barrier. On the inside, the feel and look of the wood, with its many design options, is a welcome addition to any interior design. On the outside, the aluminium frame can also be completely concealed by the facade in such a way that the elements look almost like a fixed glazing. In our factory, we can also produce this integral system as a floor-to-ceiling multi-frame window with RC3 protection.

Retrofit Solutions

With this option, the existing frame remains in the building. We then duplicate it on the inside with a newly manufactured window. The advantage here is that you do not need to remove the existing window; there's little dirt, no need for painting and plastering, and you keep the view you already enjoy. Retrofitting is also possible in the category RC3.